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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Job

Hey Guys,
I know I haven't posted awhile. I've been busy.
I have new news that you probably guessed based on the title of the blog: I have a new job!
I'm now the Jr. High Director at NorthWest church. I'm really excited about this job. This is day 3 and so far it's gone really well.
The funny thing is my first Tuesday that I was leading the group was my 2nd day of work! It was pretty crazy but we got through it.
Brett who is my boss and was doing this job before did a great job putting together this group of volunteers. They are awesome and I'm excited to have them.
It's funny to give them a shout out since they'll probably never read this.
Lastly, thanks to everyone who pointed me toward this job. There were a couple of you who encouraged me to give it a try so thanks for that.
I'll be pretty busy for awhile getting my feet on the ground here but I'll probably be able to post more often.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Jess! God brought something totally amazing!!!


NerdMom said...


The Weaver's said...

Hey Jess. I have not seen you for a while and just wanted to give you a shout. How is the new job going?