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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fantasy Folly

I was going to write a post about my fantasy football season eventually. Then I felt a challenge (that wasn't really there) from @randyparker about who has had the worst fantasy season.

Let's start off with the middle of the 1st Quarter of the first game of the season. Tom Brady drops back to pass and Benard Polland falls on his knee, obliderating my first round pick. For those of you doing the math at home that's less then 1% of the season. Not only that but I able to ride Brady's 3.27 pts for a week 1 loss.

Another cool fun fact. Until 4 weeks ago I was in second to last place in our league. The weird thing is that I was 2nd in the league in scoring!! The reason for that is that out of the first 7 weeks (my record was 2 wins, 5 losses) 3 of the 5 teams that beat me scored there record high for the season. 1 additional team was only 3 points off his season high. Everyone always had their best game against me somehow!

I had problems in the standings too. Week 6 I won and didn't move up in the standings. Week 7 I lost and I moved down in the standings. Week 8 and 9 I won and didn't move up in the standings. Week 10 I won and finally moved up several spots (I believe it was 4th in our 8 person league. By now my record was my respectable 5-5.

This brings me to the biggest tradegy of them all. I go into my week 10 battle against Jimmy Farrell. After all the Sunday games I was beating Jimmy by .47 points and I had Lee Evans going at Wide reciever against the horrible defense of the Browns. Now I briefly thought about deactivating him just incase he caught one pass, got injured and fumbled, but I thought that was unlikely and I thought I would pad my lead and with my record the way it was I could use every fantasy point I could get. If anyone remembers the game, Lee Evans caught zero passes. Infact the only thing he did was record a tackle on an int (which isn't any points). But it was still okay because I was still winning by .47. Because of this win I was in 3rd and on my way to getting a first round bye in the playoffs. What a triumph that would be from my start! It would be the ultimate fantasy football rags to riches story!!

So I spent most of the next week in 3rd, until Yahoo did a stat correction and took a sack (1 pt) from Miami. For those of you not math inclinded .47 point lead - 1pt=.53 deficiet. I now LOST that game and my standing was now 3rd from last!! Back to rags to me.

There is hope though in this story. I had a hard fought victory last week and I currently sit 4th in the league again. In our league everyone accept the last 2 spots makes it into the playoffs so I'm basically as good as in unless the rhetorical roof falls in. Infact if a couple things go my way, I might even get that 1st round bye!

Either way though, I'm the most dangerous 6-6 team in fantasy football history. I'm still 2nd in the league in scoring and I would have a 5 game winning streak if not for Lee Evans (if he even caught one pass I would have won and would be in 2nd place right now).

Honestly though, if there is one thing this teaches me is that there is always hope and that even when things (even stupid things that don't really mean anything like fantasy football) look down there is always still hope. I really hope I can take this lesson into my real life for when there are real trails and tribulations.

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