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Thursday, January 8, 2009

This has been bugging me

So I haven't blogged for awhile but this has been bugging me so I'm going to vent alittle.

So I'm the Jr. High guy at NorthWest church and I've been in youth/preteen/children's ministry for a number of years so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I find out that kids are grounded sometimes. Even good kids.

What does surprise me, and what I've never really understood is why parents ground their kids from youth group. To me it's almost like grounding them from manners class. Strangly the answer to them doing something not good is to take something good from their lives.

Now, I realize that in a way it's a compliment to my ministry and I'm really glad we have a ministry that is so much fun that it is a punishment to take it away, but I think there are ways around this.

Here is my idea, if your student is grounded or in trouble call me and I'll discipline them in some way at the youth meeting. Maybe they'll miss some or all of the game, maybe we come up with something else but either way when you take them out all the way they don't get a chance at life change during the message. They don't get a chance to connect with God during worship. They don't get a chance to brush up against our Godly volunteers and have another role model in their lives to show them that being a Christian isn't a bad thing. They don't get a chance to be built up by their own friends in the faith.

Now, I don't want to assume this but the alternative as I understand it is that you don't see the value in the youth group. Maybe we are just a fun, baby-sitting time where you can be sure there is alot less cussing then they'd see on tv. Maybe you think youth group doesn't really benifit them that much. I hope this isn't the case.

I wish parents would realize, just how much of an impact youth ministry can have on students. I've seen lives changed, lives touched and I've seen Jesus move through what is going on in our churches.

I realize this might come off to some people as a: we just want your students for higher numbers game and that I'm just being selfish, but I assure you this comes from my heart. I highly enjoy doing ministry with your student and I very very much enjoy my job figuring out how to best influence their lives toward Jesus.

</end rant>

I feel better.

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